How to Measure

How To Measure Your Radiator Cover

Appleby Radiator Cover
Appleby Radiator Cover

You may find it useful to print the table below when you are going around your home to take measurements for the radiator covers. Click on the table to see it bigger.

You can also click on the following link to download the table above as a PDF file which you can then print.

Corner Covers

A corner cover will be primarily used when the radiator is situated within the corner of two meeting walls. The cover will be manufactured with only one side, (the right hand side) the other (the left hand side) will fit tight to the corner wall.

In the picture below, the wall is situated on the left hand side of the radiator, and there would clearly not be enough room for a standard cover side to be fitted within the distance between the wall and the valve.

When ordering this type of cover, it should be stated clearly within the order form message box, which side of the radiator the wall is on, whether it be the left hand side of the radiator or the right hand side of the radiator.

The way to measure this type of cover is not that different to measuring a standard cover; this type however should instead be measured from the wall to the external side of the valve. (C)

The picture below shows that both ends to this radiator are restricted; (this is a worse case scenario,) and would be manufactured with an alternative type of side to the RHS of the cover; this would allow the cover to be manufactured and fitted with ease.

It may be necessary for clients to send us a picture of the radiator; this allows us to get visual confirmation of the radiator and is far easier than us guessing or the client trying to explain over the phone.