Fitting Instructions

How to Fit your Radiator Cover

Aston Radiator Cover

Step by step instructions on how to install your radiator cover

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Undo the brackets from the tape and open the fixings envelope.

Place cover in desired position against the wall covering the radiator.

Using a sharp pencil, mark a faint line down each side of the cover where the sides are touching the wall & under the top of the cover.

Remove the cover from the wall & using one of the brackets, place one of the 18mm thick sides of the brackets up against the internal sides of the faintly marked lines on the walls. Mark a secondary line; this will be the line used to fix the face of the bracket to.

Once the positions of the brackets have been marked, drill through the brackets into the wall with a hammer type drill and bit, bit size 8mm.

Using the supplied fixings, fix the brackets to the wall.

Once the brackets are secure, the cover should fit back neatly over the brackets.

Pre-drill through the sides of the cover and into the brackets, then screw through the sides and secure the cover in position.

At this point you can either use the supplied chrome cup washers or screw the heads of the screws flush and use the white cover caps.

For maintenance, undo the screws and remove the cover completely.

Please note; thermostatic radiator valves will need to be removed before fitting of the cover, (The cover will give the thermostatic valve a false reading.)

Never drill into walls where live cables or pipes are likely to be; if in doubt, contact an expert.

Please note that we rebate the back edges of the sides of the cover to minimize the thickness of the section that is to be cut out for the skirting boards. This makes the scribing of the skirting easier than trying to scribe the full 18mm thickness. (This can be done with a coping saw) This also allows for the scribe to be cut out neatly to the shape of the skirting as opposed to a large cutout that looks ugly.

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If you have any problems with fitting your new radiator cover, please feel free to contact us on 011-4287-8216