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quality radiator covers delivered to you in Swansea
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4 great reasons why you need our radiator covers

  1. Safety: our radiator covers will protect children and pets from the sometimes extreme heat of radiators,
  2. Protection: our radiator covers will stop the heat from reaching and damaging your walls and drapes,
  3. Effectiveness: our radiator covers will make your radiators much more efficient by redirecting the hot air into the living area rather than let it rise up to the ceiling,
  4. Aesthetics: our radiator covers are a lot more pleasing to the eye than radiators. They will give your room an aesthetic lift!

8 great reasons why you should order
your radiator covers from us

1. All our radiator covers are finished with a basic primer coat prior to delivery for onsite finishing. 5. All our radiator covers are custom made to your required size.
2. Our radiator covers use an “Easy Bracket System” that ensures easy access to the radiator. 6. All our radiator covers are supplied with full fixing kit and fitting instructions.
3. Our radiator covers are normally delivered within 30 working days. 7. You can choose from 6 grill designs for each radiator cover.
4. You can choose from 5 plinth styles for each radiator cover. 8. We ship to anywhere in the UK.

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The delivery charge is
for up to 4 covers within 100 miles of Rotherham.

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in the UK!

quality radiator covers delivered to you in Swansea

The delivery charge is
for up to 4 covers to London, and anywhere outside 100 miles of Rotherham.

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radiator covers, delivered to you in Swansea.